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The Richmond Sluts


Hailing from the Richmond District of San Francisco, The Richmond Sluts are a revved up rock n roll band that is timeless. With influences from garage, psych, blues and rock n roll The Richmond Sluts are guaranteed to make you move, sweat, dance, and shake !!


The Richmond Sluts story began in 1997 by founding members Chris Beltran (bass) and Shea Roberts (guitar/ vocals) who met and shared similar tastes in music (garage rock, rock n roll, blues, psychedelic, power pop) among other things, they quickly became friends. After completing the line up with the addition of Justin Lynn (keyboards), they developed a sound that was particularly their own. Upon putting out a self-titled Full Length on Disaster Records in 2001 and touring the US, The Richmond Sluts began to draw attention in the underground garage and rock scene, playing with bands such as The Brian Jones Town Massacre and Sky Saxon and the Seeds.


After touring Europe in 2014 the band went back into the studio to get to work on a new record. The new record titled (60 Cycles Of Love) was released in November of 2016. It is an eclectic mix of garage rock, blues and psychedelic jams! If you like rock n roll this long awaited album will not disappoint !!


The current line up consists of Chris B, Shea Roberts, Justin Lynn, Jesse Nichols & John Tyree, they’re sure to grab your soul and make your body shake !!